TCTS feat. Glowie - Better Without You

YEAR  2020

CLIENT  Capitol Records; Astralwerks Records

MUSIC  TCTS feat. Glowie - Better Without You

PRODUCTION  Thursday's Child Global

TAGS  3D Animation, Music Video, Creative Direction, Post-Production

Official lyric video for British DJ, producer, and remixer TCTS and Icelandic artist Glowie new house track, “Better Without You.” It’s a hypnotic journey inside of a dreamy virtual environment that incorporates the idea of reincarnation in a cycle.⁣ With every new passage through the portal and development of the song, this inner world in which the main character tries to escape becomes more alive, vibrant, and “better without you.”⁠

The entire video is built around 1 scene of a custom build 3d environment. I was kinda inspired by the idea of a video loop, but not as simple. In "Better Without You" some elements repeat and stay the same, like main environmental details, camera moves, etc. But each cycle adds new details to the scene which makes every loop unique. In a way, it explores the theory of reincarnation of a character and space with certain improvements and development.

More at udiscovermusic and the360mag.

“Along with the futuristic design of the video, the lyrics are often shown in neon colors. This accompanies the artistic and modern aesthetic of the words in a line through an artificial face, for example. The song itself has an edgy, yet pop-like and upbeat rhythm to it. The chorus is very catchy and the video shows a robotic-like woman running through an artificial plain filled with dead-looking mannequins. By the end of the lyric video, the meaning behind the song becomes clear as the robotic-like woman figure ends up coming face to face with herself in a mirror, alluding to the idea that she is better by herself and out of a toxic relationship.” - 360 Magazine.