YEAR  2020

CLIENT  TivoliVredenburg

FOR  Colin Benders

VENUE  TivoliVredenburg Ronda hall, Utrecht

TAGS  Visual Identity, 3D Artwork, 3D Animation

I was invited to create an artworks and design for the 'Etmaal' (natural day/24 hour passing), a 24-hour event curated by Colin Benders. It will take place at Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht on November 21st and November 22nd in Ronda hall. Inspired by the limitations of "the new normal", Ronda is set up as an intimate discovery place, for anyone who is curious and open to experiment and rare audio-visual experience by special musicians, producers and bands. The auditorium floor is raised so the stage and the audience will become the one. An amazing light artist Boris Acket - known for his work at DGTL and in De School, will provide an impressive visual setting.

More info at Tivoli Vredenburg

A facial mask became a symbol and mandatory ‘accessory’ for many of us all over the world within a new temporarily restricted COVID-19 reality. The only uncovered sense organs are eyes and ears. So the main element of the artwork is a closeup of an abstract human eye iris, which is at the same time a mysterious galactic vortex and stands for the day/night cycle.