Willaris K - Cobaki Sky

YEAR  2020

CLIENT  Astralwerks Records

MUSIC  Willaris K - Cobaki Sky

PRODUCTION  Thursday's Child Global

DANCERS  Tania Dimbelolo, Joey Barton, Jill Goh, Adam Khazhmuradov

TAGS  3D Animation, 3D Scanning, Creative Direction, Post-Production

I was commissioned to produce a series of video artworks for Australian electronic and ambient producer Willaris K on the Astralwerks Records label. The final piece in a trilogy of music videos 'Cobaki Sky' was released in April 2020. The project is about perceiving the human body as a digital texture that can organically morph with the music and transform into anything inside the technical dimension. The main creative element in these videos is texture. It’s a living structure that evolves and changes its property, its look and its function in time and space – like pulsing universal energy.