YEAR  2019

CLIENT  TivoliVredenburg

VENUE  TivoliVredenburg Park6, Utrecht


PHOTOS  Mees Borst

TAGS  3D Animation, Installation, Projection Mapping

Canvas is a video art installation initiated by TivoliVredenburg of 150 m2 situated in Park 6, Utrecht. Every Friday and Saturday evening, video artwork Canvas can be seen from an indoor park at Zeshoog. The side of the Pandora room (150 m2) is clad in hallucinating, moody, or even hilarious visuals, tailor-made by a diverse group of 15 video artists. The works are restricted by time (1-minute duration) but diverse in technique, topics, and visual approach.

My video ‘attention.value' touches on issues of our constant indwelling on the Internet. How much does 1 min of our attention cost for corporations like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, etc.? With each new bit, the richness, brightness and adeptness of Internet content increases due to the need to keep us always online. The more we stare at our screens the faster new currency grows.